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Our Work

We use a range of non intrusive methods to locate your leak including Digital Acoustic Listening Microphones, Tracer Gas, Borescopes, Infrared, Pressure Tests

Firstly we determine for sure that there is a leak and in which pipe network it is in. Then we determine the line or lines that the pipes run in to be able to effectively listen in the right places. If it is a difficult leak to detect or very small we remove the water from the line and replace with a Tracer Gas and due to its small and light structure it penetrates through most surfaces from sand through to concrete and tile at the leak location. Just to clarify the Gas is a very safe and just dissolves in water and is similar to the gas used in soda streams and fizzy drinks.

Generally the Leak is found and repaired the same day, Following the repair a further pressure test is carried out to verify there is no more leaks .The excavated area is filled with a rapid setting cement and can take traffic again in an hour or so.

       Acoustic Listening for Leak sound


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